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Professional Certificate in Cosmetic Dentistry 


Our successful delegates will be able to accredit their training with BAIRD towards part of the:
1. Master in Restorative Dentistry from Sapienza University of Rome Italy
2. Post-graduate University Diploma in Cosmetic Dentistry From San Raffaele University –Milan
3. Master Degree from Beirut Arab University 


The course will be once monthly  Thursday & Friday each month starting from Sept  including lectures & workshops on models & sheep heads.
Very limited seats available, and only best applications are considered.
For registration click here:


*Course fees:4500 Bahraini Dinar/ 3 installments 
(Not including accommodation or flight expenses) 
1st Installment 1500 BD on registration (Non Refundable)
2nd installment 1500 BD due on November 2018
3rd installment 1000 BD due on January  2019


For further information please call 0097336748566