Implant course in Sudan



BAIRD Evidence Based & Clinical Course in Implant Dentistry- Sudan : 2018-2019



Course Info:


The BAIRD Evidence Based & Clinical Course in Implant Dentistry, is one of the most successful private courses in implant dentistry on global level, where dentists on the course receive sound grounding in implant dentistry up to the British high standards in addition to practical training on patients provided by the course, under direct mentoring. While we have been running the course for the 9th year in the United Kingdom, BAIRD Academy is very excited to bring this course for the first time to Sudan in collaboration with Dr Salah Dafalla Dental Training Centre.


The course will be run by BAIRD Academy international speakers who are world-renowned experts on implant dentistry:


– Dr Hassan Maghaireh – Head of Scientific Committee – BAIRD Academy

– Prof Marco Esposito –  Editor in Chief of The European Journal of Oral Implantology

– Dr Victoria Ivancheva – Restorative Dentist , UK

– Dr Mohammad Wael – Prosthodontist Specialist , Jordan

– Dr Mohammad Assaf – Periodontist Specialist, Palestine

– Dr Ziad Al-Ani – Lecturer, Glasgow University , UK

and many other prominent national speakers and mentors.



The course will include:


Essential modules: 1 to 5 and module 8 :

  • Each module will be composed of three days, two theory days and one clinical training day.
  • Seminars presented by prominent dental implants speakers.
  • Surgical and Restorative implant hands – on training on models and animal heads ( surgical and restorative training offered by various dental implants systems, guided bone regeneration & soft tissue grafting).
  • Clinical mentoring sessions with approved clinical mentors.
  • Clinical practical training sessions on third day of each module on patients under direct supervision of BAIRD Academy accredited mentors. Each participant will be given the opportunity to place and restore implants for one patient during the these essential modules.


Supplemental Clinical modules:

  • Modules 6 & 7 : These are two clinical training modules ( Module when each participants will place a minimal of six implants under direct mentoring in Sudan.
  • In addition, course participants will be given the choice to join the residential module in Athens (3 days under direct supervision of BAIRD mentors)
  • Delegates will also be encouraged to join the advanced training module in Leeds- UK where there will be chance to receive advanced bone and soft tissue grafting training and attend live surgery.


Course Degree :


  1. Course delegates will be awarded 240 CPD hours upon successfully completing the course 8 modules.
  1. Course delegates who have attended 90% or more of the course modules, will be invited to sit the final theory exams . Upon passing the theory exams, “A Comprehensive Course Certificate from the British Academy of Implant & Restorative Dentistry” will be awarded to the successful candidates.


  • Delegate who successfully pass the theory exam will be invited to attend the viva exam when they will need to present a minimal of one case planned and treated by him/her self under direct supervision of one of the BAIRD accredited mentors .The case has to be presented in the form of power point or key note following BAIRD standards in photography and cases presentation. Course delegates should present their successful cases within one year of completing their course , alternatively course delegates will be charged £500 as extended examination fees per each case presentation.


  1. Upon successfully passing the viva exam , delegates will be awarded “British Academy of Implant & Restorative Dentistry Professional Diploma in Evidence Based & Clinical Implant Dentistry ”


  1. There is no limit on the number of times a candidate may apply to sit the exams and/or submit the clinical cases as long as he/she complies with all parts of the regulations and pay the examination fee at each time.


vi.Course delegates who are interested in perusing a further degree to recognise their advanced clinical experience are invited to sit the BAIRD fellowship ex- ams:


  • Limited to dentists who have been awarded BAIRD Comprehensive Course Certificate
  • Exam fees need to be in advance (£1200)
  • Candidates need to submit 6 specific clinical cases : Aesthetic single implant case, Posterior single implant case, Implant bridge case, Overdenture implant case , Bone block case , External sinus grafting case.
  • Candidates need to present the above cases in power point or key note presen- tation 2 month before the exam dates
  • The exam will comprise of 45 minutes viva exam including 15 minutes presenta- tion of one of the cases as requested by the examination panel.
  • Successful candidates will be awarded : BAIRD Fellowship in Implant den- tistry.
  • Successful candidates will have to pay onetime certificate fees before they get awarded their fellowship certificate (£900)
  • BAIRD fellow will be invited to act as BAIRD mentors in their countries and will also be allowed to run short implant courses under the umbrella of BAIRD in liaising with the BAIRD scientific committee and BAIRD adminis- tration team.
  • BAIRD fellows will have their names , practice address and their CVs published at the BAIRD website as a token of appreciation.





For registration, please contact Dr Salah Dafalla on +249912309655 or by e-mail or


Common Qs & As:


1- What is the cost of the course?

$5000 only with course materials, lunch and coffee breaks included.

Venue:Corinthia Hotel -khartoum



2- What is the length of the course and what are the dates?

The course is comprised of 8 modules , each module with more than 30 days in total with around 45 days between each module and the other.


3- How many patients will each candidate get to do during the course ?

Each participant gets to plan and place minimal of 10 implants in addition to assisting in other 10-20 during the 8 modules in Sudan. We have an optional module 9 in Athens when each participant place a minimal of another advanced 5 implants and assist and observe more than 12 implants during this three day residential module in Athens.


We also offer an advanced module in the UK when the course participants will have the chance to learn advanced skills in implant dentistry, soft tissue and bone grafting. You will also have the opportunity to achieve British Academy fellowship in advanced implant dentistry following successfully completing the course and the fulfil the fellowship requirements.



4- Are the practical cases in Sudan or we have to go to Athens to do the practicals?

The main theory, and practical training is in Sudan in addition to the chance to place 10 implants in Sudan , however the the extra optional advanced module is in Athens , which is usually followed by a mentoring scheme at your practice during and following the course.


5- What implant system we will be using during the course?

While this is an evidence based course aimed to teaching basic and advanced princes in implant dentistry during the theory seminars and hands on workshops, the clinical training on patients in Sudan will be carried out using different world-renowned implants systems. The clinical training

will be mainly using DURAVIT italian implant system.



6-What other skills I will learn during this multi-modullar course?

In addition to learning basic and advanced clinical surgical and restorative skills in implant dentistry, course participants will also have the opportunity to learn and develop many other skills needed to run a successful private dental practice aimed to help our delegates to sit up and pursue a successful implant career . These skills include dental photography, ethical marketing and implant promotion , dental occlusion, reading and analysing CBCT x-ray radiographs, power point and key note presentation skills , periodontics in addition to Laser in general dental practice.



7-How long is the course?

The course is comprised of 30 days, 3 days each month (Friday-Saturday and Sunday) for the theory modules in addition to 12 practical days in Sudan during the course. Each day starts from 9:00 till 18:00 and lunch and coffee breaks are provided.



8-Will I need to buy books or find external sources for revising during the course?

All study materials will be provided as part of the course. Each participant will receive pre-module reading material as well as the reading material of the lectures and some highly recommended up to date articles to read from. There will be no need for you to buy or look for any external sources.


9-What assessment or exams will be offered during the course?

In order to meet the BAIRD Academy regulations for practicing implant dentistry , there will be modular quizzes at the beginning of each module covering the material of the module before , in addition to the final be formative theory assessment which will be comprised of a theory exam and cases presentation with cases discussion viva exam as part of module 8.



10-What qualification do we get?

Successful participants will be awarded BAIRD professional diploma in implant dentistry in addition to a certificate in evidence based and clinical implant dentistry with 240 CPD hours, which can also be accredited towards The University Postgraduate Diploma from San Raffaelle University in Milan


Course Time Table*


Table 1


Module 1: 28-29-30 Dr Hassan Maghaireh (UK)
Basic Principles in implant dentistry September Dr Victoria Ivancheva (UK)
– Treatment planning in implant dentistry
Photography and Cases discussion
Module 2: 26-27-28 October Dr Mhammad Wael (Jordan)
Prosthetic planning & CBCT in implant dentistry
Prosthetic principles in implant dentistry
Practical training (implants placement day)
Module 3: 30Nov 1-2 Dr Hassan Maghaireh (UK)
Surgical principles in implant dentistry December
Guided Bone Regeneration
Practical training (implants placement day)
Module 4: 21-22-23 Dr Ziad Alani (UK)
Occlusion in implant dentistry December
Advanced prosthetic considerations in implant
Practicaldentistry training (implants placement day)
Module 5: 29-30-31 March Dr Mohammad Assaf
Soft tissue management in implant dentistry (Palestine)
Soft tissue grafting in implant dentistry
Practical training (restoration day)
Module 6 dates to be Clinical Mentors
Module 7 dates to be Clinical Mentors
Module 8: 28-29-30 June Dr Hassan Maghaireh (UK)
Advanced Considerations in implant dentistry Prof Marco Esposito (Italy)
Evidence Based in implant dentistry & Exam
Exam day(s)




  • While every effort will be given to fix the course venue, dates, contents and speakers, the course organisers might on the off chance, change the module(s) dates and/or venue on a short notice and/or change the contents and/or speakers without notice in case of an unfortunate administrative reasons or speakers’ private circumstances.